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AFTOL Policies on Data Use, Authorship, and Taxonomy

Database Use: One of the goals of AFTOL is to make sequence data, alignments, and other types of data of Fungi rapidly and broadly available to the scientific community. The genome sequencing community recently adopted a statement of principles for the distribution and use of large-scale sequencing data that is documented in "Sharing Data from Large-scale Biological Research Projects Meeting Report". AFTOL embraces these principles and urge users to follow them as well.

Authorship: It is our intention to publish the work of this project in a timely fashion and include all collaborators as coauthors in publications. All persons who contribute material to the AFTOL project will be invited to co-author papers that present new data derived from the material that they donated. In addition, one or more manuscripts that synthesize the major finding of the AFTOL project will be published. It is anticipated that such a summary publication(s) will be produced toward the end of the funding period and that authorship of this publication will consist of all participating scientists in Deep Hypha and AFTOL.

Taxonomy: Taxa included in the AFTOL database have been identified to the most appropriate species and where possible verified by taxonomic experts. As is the case in taxonomy, however, some names will change as our understanding of phylogenetic relationships improves and additional annotations of AFTOL specimens are conducted.

I accept these policies.